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Moonscope for 4/6/22 - 4/9/22



 🧡 Today is April 6, 2022 🌙


Moon is Void Of Course starting at 7:14pm(PST) today. This is the time to do nothing. Relax. Do not start anything new, do not make any promises. Just breathe and chill.  

moonscope, cancer moon, lady luna blog, enchanted pathways, moon sign

Moon will enter CANCER tomorrow April 7, 2022 at 7:30am. Cancer is a cardinal water sign, ruled by the Moon. Moon in Cancer means we are all going to feel the intensity of our full emotions. This is a good time to explore your emotions and self reflect. Let go of baggage you have been carrying! Be honest with yourself in this Moon and to LISTEN to yourself. Being a good listener is important in this Moon. You must put your ego to the side in this Moon and let yourself be you! Sometimes we like to put forward a different side of ourselves that we think the world will love better, but in all honesty, the world would love you better for who you truly are! We are our worst critics, if only you loved yourself and stopped worrying about what others think, you would shine with self confidence! Do not make decisions in this Moon, try to wait until after Moon transitions out of Cancer. Plant in this Moon, tend to your garden! Beautify your home, perhaps with new furniture?  This is a good Moon to change outer appearance, maybe a new hair color or even a hair cut.


Moon Void of Course on April 9, 2022 at 5:01pm (PST)

Moon Enters LEO on April 9, 2022 at 7:59pm (PST) 


MOON PHASE: WAXING CRESCENT 25%  Waxing Moon, Lady Luna Blog, Moonscope, Moon, Cancer Moon






 *This is a quick meaning of the Moon in today's sign, for more details and more personal Moonscopes geared towards you personally send us an email, call, text, or drop us a message using our Contact Page!


**The Moon is New every 29.6 days. This is a cycle and is called a lunar month.  If you set intentions at a New Moon, you will realize the results by the Full Moon two weeks later. Each lunation, you can choose the things that you want to get done that are appropriate to the sign the Moon is in. When the Moon is moving from New to Full you start things, or do things that you want to increase. After the Moon is Full and it is decreasing, you finish things, or you do things you want to decrease.

*The Moon stays in each sign for about 2 1/2 days, makes its influence in it and then moves to the next sign. As it moves to the next sign we call the Moon "Void".  When the Moon is Void it is a time to relax, basically a time to just take a break! Do Not start projects in a VoC moon, make a new purchase, or plan to meet up with someone during this time. Just break and relax!