About Lady Luna

Warmest Welcome to you! I am Lady Luna, and I'm excited to offer my services to each of you!

I was very young when I discovered I had a very powerful intuition and dreams! I was 7 years old telling my mother dreams of things before they even happened then learning later on they really happened! "How could she know these things?" My mother would sometimes say out loud. Then one day she explained to me that she too like her mother, have really powerful intuition and premonitions.

I still surprise myself today with how much more intuitive I am now with age! My children won't even second guess my warnings to them, spooked every time with how spot on Mom is every time! They even warn people, "YOU BETTER LISTEN TO HER!" LOL!

Ever since I was 12, I was the go to person with my family & friends to interpret dreams, get advice from and help with making decisions. And still am! As I got older it included my co-workers, neighbors, and pretty much anyone in my life. Hey, the more the merrier! I believe everything happens for a reason, people enter our lives for a reason. and my purpose is to share my gifts to help others.

Now let's talk about my gift with Tarot. I was 13 years old when I received my first Tarot deck, reading and learning them came so naturally! I felt such a deep connection with each and every card! They belonged with me and I knew how to receive messages that weren't in the books they came with. These messages came from my intuition and I can FEEL what they have to say.

I offer intuitive Tarot Readings, my readings will help you get focused, prepared and empowered! I am not a PSYCHIC. Even though some of my clients and kids would beg to differ. My mission is to help you make your OWN decisions, so that you can change what you need to and stay or go on the Enchanted Path you decide to be on.

I have a passion for Spirituality, and creating positive energy. I love helping people and I love creating Magickal things! I continue to study and learn new things daily. My other passion is the Moon. I have always been drawn to the mysteries of the Moon and I love working with the different phases of the Moon. If you know me, I am everything Moon, and am obsessed with the Magick of everything Moon is! Manifestation! Some advice: Pay attention to your emotions, your body, your moods, symbols, and clues all around you during the different phases of the Moon. Keep a Moon journal if you want. You will start to see how we are connected to Moon and her phases.

I am excited to have manifested this website and created a realm where you can come visit and grow with us! There is no one-size-fits all here, we are all in different places in our lives so if something doesn't "fit in" with where you are in life, no worries! Take what you need and leave the rest. Explore more yourself, add your own knowledge and research!

I encourage each of you to keep a journal and start writing things you discover about yourself. During my spiritual journey I have encountered and paved my own Enchanted Pathway as each one of you will do!

My Lady Luna Blog is where I will connect with you giving you insights regarding Magickal things I learned and work with, as well as my own personal experiences. I work a lot with herbs, crystals, oils, candles, Moon, Tarot, Oracle and aromatherapy and everything Enchanted! Here I will share a bit of all those things....and more! I love nature and everything it has to offer. I'm excited to take this journey with you! I appreciate you being here reading this, and know that you were brought here for a reason.

About Enchanted Pathways

Enchanted Pathways is a portal where you can come and visit whenever you need Spiritual Guidance! You can visit our Enchanted Store for Magickal Spiritual items, or visit Lady Luna's Blog and get the Daily Moonscope, Daily Tarot Card, Magickal information and much more!

Need insight or have questions you need answers to? We offer Tarot Readings! Oh, but If you are looking for a crystal ball to reveal your future, this is not the place. Here, you will get an honest, intuitive reading. Very accurate and powerful readings! Not to brag, but if you haven't read our Testimonials, please do! Seriously, just saying.

Tarot is not about revealing your future, Tarot is a tool to help you make the best decisions and to take action on areas in your life that need your attention. Think of a Tarot reading like a flashlight, shining light on your life in areas you might not have known needed to be brought to the light.

We offer Spiritual Guidance and advice for any situation you need help with. Even when life is going well, having someone that you can trust and someone with a bit of insight can be a great help to ensure that you continue to make the right decisions, to help you take some of the burden and to give you a little outside insight and advice.

Just think of a Spiritual Advisor as a coach, as a mentor or as a friend, who will listen to your questions, concerns and situations and help to offer guidance from a spiritual perspective. This can sometimes be exactly what you need in order to make life that little bit easier and more manageable and you’d be surprised what an impact a Spiritual Advisor can have!

What makes us different is we STICK AROUND. You are not just a phone call, email or number. We are compassionate, humble and REAL and know you will have questions the days or weeks after your reading. If a question arises after your reading, reach out, we will happily answer questions long after your reading is done. Why? because we are serious when we say we care! You won't find that anywhere else.

We also offer Dream Interpretations, and personalized Moonscopes.

To request an appointment for a Tarot Reading, Dream Interpretation, personalized Moonscope or just need a card before you start the day (tarot or Oracle) visit our Contact Page!

We hope you enjoy your stay here, come back often because we are always updating and adding new Enchanted things!